About the Everest App

You deserve simplicity. We know what it’s like – juggling a fast-paced job, a phone that never stops ringing, trying to feed a family from a badly-stocked fridge, driving a dirty car, forgetting your anniversary, and just never getting to the bottom of that to-do list.
That’s why Everest was born.

Don’t sweat it out, pacing through aisles, going from one shop to another, battling to breathe through your cloth mask, trying to unclog your own drains, waiting endlessly at the car wash, forgetting to collect your Mother-in-law’s prescription medicine – yes, you’ve felt it. You know exactly the pain we’re talking about.

That’s where our Partners step in and handle it all for you.

We don’t just shop for you. We declutter the clutter from your life.

Everest makes life simple again.

The Everest Experience

You’ll wish you explored Everest sooner!

Simplify Your Life

You deserve simplicity. Don’t sweat it out, pacing through isles, going from one shop to another, waiting endlessly at the car wash –

That’s right, our Partners can do it for you.


Undoubtedly the universal language of the 21st Century – every person is seeking convenience. And that’s precisely what we bring to you.

Personal Attention

Enjoy the benefits of a personal assistant, without the commitment. You’ll get to know your dedicated Partner by name, and they’ll certainly know yours!

Live Updates

Don’t be left in the dark. Monitor your shop, get live updates on the progress of your errands, and even send messages directly to your Partner along the way.

Secure Payment Gateways

This goes without saying, because your security is our priority. Peace of mind never felt this good – sit back, put your feet up, and await the knock on your door.

More Than Just Shopping

Yes, we can shop eggs, bread and milk, and deliver suntan lotion to your poolside. But more than that, we’ll pick up your medicine, drive your car to the carwash, take your pooch to the parlour, and recommend the best service providers in your area.

How We Make Your life Easier

Track Your Delivery

With live tracking, feedback on the progress of your errand, and the ability to interact with your Partner, you’ll never be left in the dark.

We offer your real-time updates with push notifications to keep you posted, constantly.

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Easy to Use

Again, our model is to simplify your life, and we certainly carried this through to the app as well. It’s user-friendly, and it’s geared for you.

  • Private dashboard

  • Simple layout

  • Easily browse store catalogues

  • Search by service provider, industry, or area

  • Store your primary & secondary delivery addresses

  • Get notified first on pop-up specials

  • Secure payment gateways

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